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Main Title: 75 years of Taita cricket : 1934-2009 / researched and written by Stephen Cole.
Author: Cole, Stephen, 1971-
Imprint: [Lower Hutt, N.Z. : Taita Cricket Club, 2009]
Collation: 163 p. : ill. (some col.), ports. (some col.) ; 30 cm.
Summary: A chronological history of the Taita Cricket Club written on its 75th anniversary.
Language: English
Added Title: Seventy five years of Taita cricket
Subject: Taita Cricket Club
Cricket — New Zealand — Lower Hutt — History
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Evening Post 2 October 1877
A MEETING of the above Club will be held at Worth”s Travellers” Rest Hotel, Taita, on SATURDAY, at 7.30 p.m.
Business important.

Evening Post 18 January 1878
A cricket match will be played at the Taita on Saturday between the Royal Oak and the Taita Cricket Clubs. The following are the Royal Oak team:- Messrs. Platt, Nicholson, Danks, Greer, Lawrence, Allen, Brown, Dodsworth, Maplestone, Robertson, and Hutchens.
The Roayl Oak team are requested to meet at the Royal Oak Hotel at 8.30 a.m. sharp.

Evening Post 29 October 1878
A MEETING of the Taita Cricket Club will be held at the Travellers” Rest Hotel, on Saturday, 2nd November, at eight o”clock p.m.
Hon. Sec.

Evening Post 27 February 1878
Royal Oak C.C. v. Taita.
This match was commenced on the Basin Reserve at noon to-day. Only one innings had been played when we went to press, the score being as follows: —
Taita — First Innings.
Springle, b Danks 18
Mason, run out 6
Judd, b Lawrence 8
J. Lockett, c Danks, b Lawrence 21
Mabey, run out 7
H. Lockett, c Lambert, b Lawrence 0
Harris, b Lawrence 0
Ronaldson, b Danks 1
Dash, not out 2
Nash, b Lawrence 0
Byes, &c. 13
Total 76

Evening Post 28 February 1878
The cricket match between Royal Oak and Taita Clubs played on the Basin Reserve, resulted in a victory for the town team by five runs on the first innings.

Evening Post 12 October 1881
A MEETING of the above Club will be held at the Albion Hotel on Thursday, the 13th inst., at 8 p.m. All members are requested to attend.
Hon. Sec.

Evening POst 2 November 1881
THE Ordinary Monthly Meeting of the above Club will be held at the Taita Meeting-room, opposite the Travellers” Rest Hotel, on THURSDAY EVENING, 3d (sic) Nov.
All members are requested to attend.
Hon. Sec. T.C.C.

Evening Post 11 November 1881
A cricket match will be played at the Lower Hutt to-morrow afternoon between the Taita Cricket Club and the Excelsior Cricket Club, Wellington.

Evening Post 3 December 1881
A CONCERT will be held at the Taita Meeting-room on THURSDAY< the 8th December, in aid of the Taita Cricket Club. Admission, 1s; Children, half-price. To conclude with a Dance. Doors open at half-past 7; to commence at 8 o''clock. Evening Post 4 January 1882 TAITA CRICKET CLUB. THE usual Monthly Meeting of the above Club will be held at the Taita meeting rooms on THURSDAY EVENING, at 8 o''clock. W. BROWN, Secretary T.C.C. Evening Post 14 March 1882 A cricket match was played in Mr. Barber''s paddock, Lower Hutt, between the Taita Cricket Club and the Wellington Cricket Club on Monday, resulting in a victory for the former on the first innings by 17 runs. The Wellington Cricket Club''s score in the first innings was 33 and the Taita Cricket Club''s 50 Evening POst 22 March 1882 The Taita Cricket Club played the Featherston Club on Monday at Featherston. The match resulted in a victory for the visitors in one innings with 58 runs to spare, the home team only scoring six runs in thir second innings. Cudby contributed 43 out of the 100 scored by Taita in the first innings. Evening Post 23 March 1882 The Taita Cricket Club played a match against Greytown on Tuesday, sustaining a defeat, the scores being as follows:- Greytown, 60 and 25; Taita, 34 and 19. On Wednesday the team met the Carterton Club, and beat their opponents in one innings with five runs to spare. Evening Post 27 March 1882 CRICKET ... The Phoenix and Taita Cricket Clubs played a match at Lower Hutt on Saturday, the result being decided in favour of the rural team on the first innings by 14 runs. The scores were small, the Taita Club making 54 and the Phoenix Club 40. Cudby bowled effectively for the winners, as did Armitago and Varnham for the defeated team.... Evening Post 5 September 1882 At a meeting of the members of the Taita Cricket Club, held on Saturday night, the Secretary read a report, from which it appeared that the club had a fair balance on hand to start the coming season. Out of 18 matches played during the past season the club had won 16. The club bat was won by W. Cudby, with an average of 13 1/2 runs (17 matches), W. Welch being second -with an average of 11 1/2 runs (14 matches). Besides the bat given by the club for the highest average scorer, there are two bats to be given by private members ����� one for the highest individual score, and one for the best bowling. The following officers were elected: — President, Mr. W. Beetham; captain, W. Cudby; secretary, W. Brown; treasurer, G. Welch; committee, J. Judd, W. Welch, W. Russell, and J. Mahony (sic). A vote of thanks to Mr. W. Welch, for presiding, terminated the proceedings. Evening Post 13 October 1882 A cricket match was played at the Taita yesterday between the Taita Cricket Club and the Karori Cricket Club, which resulted in a victory for the former by an innings and 14 runs. The Taita team scored 73 runs in their innings, and the K.C.C. made 32 and 27 respectively. Evening Post 27 October 1882 A cricket match was played at the Hutt on Thursday between the Taita and Lower Hutt Cricket Clubs, resulting in a victory for the former in one innings with 20 runs to spare, the Taita Club''s score being 67, and the Hutt''s 25 and 22. R. Cudby was top scorer for Taita, with 17, and A. Percy for the Hutt, with 13. W. Cudby also did some good bowling for the Taita, taking 11 wickets for 19 runs. Evening Post 26 January 1883 ... The Star and Taita Cricket Clubs play a match at the Lower Hutt to-morrow afternoon. The respective clubs will be thus represented:- Taita C. C. - Brown, Burd, Cudby, Daysh, Harris, Judd, Ranson, Pitt, Russell, Welsh (2); emergencies, Avery and Elliott. ... Evening POst 19 September 1883 The annual meeting of the Taita Cricket Club will be held on Saturday. - TAITA CRICKET CLUB THE Annual meeting of the above Club will be held in the Taita Meeting-room on SATURDAY, 22nd instant, at 7.30 p.m. A full attendance requested. W.E. WELCH, Hon. Sec. Evening Post 21 September 1895 A MEETING of those interested in the formation of a local Cricket Club will be held at the Taita Hotel at 8 p.m. on 24th instant. (Signed) JOB MABEY, SEN. Evening Post 12 June 1934 MEETING OF BOROUGH COUNCIL ... The council promised to give favourable consideration to an application from the Taita Cricket Club for the use of a pitch on the Nai Nai Reserve next summer. ... The parks committee was authprised to proceed with the erection of a pavilion at the Nai Nai Reserve. ... Evening Post 22 August 1935 Sunday Cricket. Commenting on cricket on Sunday, the annual report of the Taita Cricket Club states that members of the club had many Sunday games during the past season and these were enjoyed by all who took part. The matter of Sunday games, and the accepting of purely Sunday playing members, had given the committee considerable concern during the past season, and there was no doubt that those members who joined !the club for the purpose of playing only on Sundays did not receive anything like the same amount of enjoyment as the other members. This could be attributed in no small manner to the lack of suitable playing grounds. Mr. Kells kindly allowed the use of one of his paddocks for Sunday cricket, and while many enjoyable games took place, the committee felt that the ground was in many respects unsuitable, the chief reason being its close proximity to the Anglican Church. Although endeavours were made to avoid the playing of matches on the Sunday that morning services were held, it was unfortunate that there were occasions when this happened. The new committee was recommended to endeavour to overcome the disabilities connected with the playing of Sunday matches. - CRICKET THE TAITA CLUB The first annual report of the Taita Cricket Club, presented at the annual meeting recently, states that the financial position of the club was very satisfactory. The assets of the club after allowing for depreciation on cricket material amounted to £52 15s 1d. During the period under review exceptionally heavy expenditure was necessary in equipping the teams with full sets of cricket material, and with the exception of a few necessary minor replacements the gear is in good order. The cash balance of £15 5s 1d assured the new committee of a favourable start. The membership of the club was 48, and this must be regarded as satisfactory for a club in its first year, stated the report. Two elevens were entered in the B grade of the Hutt Valley Cricket Association''s competition. The A team, by consistent play, finished in third position on the ladder. The keenness of the B team augured well for the future. A shield, presented by Mr. G. E. Spencer for annual competition between married and single members of the club, was won the first time by the married team. Thirty members were present at the annual meeting. Four new members were elected. Votes of thanks were passed to Misses Spencer, V. Pemberton, and A. Burgess for services rendered to the club. Officers were elected as follows:— Patron, Mr. F. S. Hewer; president, Mr. W. B. Hutchison; vice-presidents, same as last years; hon. secretary, Mr. W. J. Hollis; hon. treasurer, Mr. A. F. Westbury; trustees, Messrs. F. S. Hewer, and D. McArthur; club captain, Mr. V. Pemberton; management committee, Messrs. L. Balls, L. Searle, E. Wright, G. E. Spencer, and C. Alsop; classification and selection committee, Messrs. L. Searle, McLeod, and Alsop; hon. auditor, Mr. A. Burgess.

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