Boulder Groyne

Evening Post 8 November 1910
A start has been made by the Hutt County Council with the construction of wire crates in the Hutt River, near the Taita, for the protection of the banks of that river. It is hoped that the protective works will prevent the flooding of much valuable land at the Taita. Messrs. Job Mabey and Balls are giving the use of horses and drays, and also suppying a portion of the material, and the Council is providing the labour and the balance of the material.

Evening Post 5 May 1911

The overseer (Mr. Fisher) made reference in his report to new work which had occupied attention. The boulder groyne near Welch”s land, Taita, had been completed to a length of 135 ft, instead of 70ft as originally specified. The total cost of this work was £71 18s 3d. The boulder groyne, about two chains above this work, put in by the Taita settlers, had been widened and made higher, at a cost of £16 6s 6d. As instructed, he had taken the necessary levels in connection with the proposed embankment on Parman”s land, at Taita Gorge. Those had been submitted to the engineer, who had approved them. Mr. Fisher recommended that the embankment be constructed on the site selected. With the board”s authority, he could proceed to determine the area and compute the quantity of material required for the work. Reporting on general Work, it was recommended that the noxious growth on the stop banks be cut and burnt.

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