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Lower Hutt Past and Present 1941

In October, 1840, there were at least five inns or taverns on the Petone beach. There are still only five licensed houses in the Lower Hutt and Taita districts.
The first hostelry in the Hutt was Burcham”s Aglionby Arms, at the Village of Aglionby (see Historical plan.) It is believed that this was built in 1840.
In 1847, however, there is record of this inn being situated near the bridge. On account of the river erosion it was again moved further to the west where, on a plan dated 1863, it appears where the south-west end of the present concrete bridge is. There was further erosion in the big floods of 1871 and 1872, when the building was undermined and it was taken down. Parts of it were used in the construction of the stables at the rear of the present Railway Hotel, which was opened in 1875 by Mr. Nat. Valentine.
The Central Hotel was built in 1880, and occupies the site of Whitewood”s Hotel, built in 1847.
Little is known of the Rose Inn which, in 1849, stood where the Commonwealth Covenant Church was recently erected.
The Family Hotel was built in 1874, and was originally known as Osgood”s.
The Bellevue Hotel, in Woburn Road, was originally situated in the Bellevue Gardens, previously known as McNab”s, and now occupied by residences. The hotel was burnt down in 1912, and the present one was constructed shortly afterwards.
There were many hotels in the Taita in the early days, but little is known of their history.
In 1847 Hughes”s Public House stood where the golf course now is, opposite the Anglican Church.
George Buck was “mine host” at the Travellers” Rest, which stood opposite Taita Hotel, in 1852. It is believed that this place was afterwards known as Honeymoon Cottage, and that the license of the present Taita Hotel originated here.
The Barley Mow Inn was mentioned in a report of the great flood in 1858, and the name of the Albion Inn appears in a list of local public-houses in 1865. This latter building is still standing, and was the half-way house for coaches running to and from the Wairarapa.
It is probable that many of these places existed before the dates mentioned.
These early houses were licensed and the fees provided a large part of the revenue of the township in those days.
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Wellington Independent 1 May 1860
PUBLICANS LICENSES.- March being the General Annual Licensing month the following Licenses have been granted.

George Buck, Taita, Travellers Rest
Robert Buckridge, Hutt, Albion

Robert Jillet, Hutt, Whitewood”s Hotel

John McHardie, Hutt, Highland Home

Robert Wyeth, Hutt, Barley Mow

John Blutchford (sic), Hutt, Aglionby Arms

Wellington Independent 2 December 1862

THE Entire Horse PLOUGH BOY. For particiculars, apply to the Groom, or to
Albion Inn, Taitai.
Sept. 19, 1862.

Wellington Independent 15 January 1863
Sum total of the collection – 70 pounds 17s od
Paid to Mr Hunter, together with – 14 pounds 5s 6d.
collected in No. 3 district of the Hutt
As announced in Indepndent and Advertiser – 85 pounds 2s 6d
GEORGE G. BUCK – collectors

P.S. – Of the above amount, nearly 10 pounds was collected over his bar by Mr Robert Buckeridge of the Albion Hotel, Taita, Hutt Valley.

Wellington Independent 2 September 1865
MR W. ROBERTSON has been favoured with instructions from Mr R. Buckeridge, to offer for private sale, his well-known and truly valuable property, the
TAITAI (sic), UPPER HUTT (sic),
containing 16 rooms, including bar, parlors, dining rooms, kitchen, yards, stabling for 20 horses, stock yards, and paddocks with 13 1/2 acres of rich soil, all fenced, including an excellent orchard (two acres) well stocked with choice fruit trees.
The only reason this truly valuable property is for sale – the owner having realised a competency wishes to retire into private life.

Title – Crown Grant.

For price and terms, which are most liberal, apply to the Auctioneer.
P.S. – Any comment by the Auctioneer on this truly valuable property would be superfluous.

Wellington Independent 2 August 1866
Tuesday, July 30, 1866.
(Before J. Coutts Crawford, Esq., R.M.)

Joseph Hayward and Martin Miller were placed in the dock charged with violently assaulting Robert Daniels, and also with stealing from the person of the said Robert Daniel the sum of four shillings.
Complainant, being sworn, said. I am a tin-plate worker, living at the Hutt. On Tuesday last I was at the Taita, in Mr. Robert”s shop, when the two prisoners came in, seized hold of me by the collar, and dragged me outside; they then threw me down, and rifled my pockets, taking from the pockets four shillings in silver, they then went away I got up and picked up a shilling and some coppers off the ground.
Cross-examined by Mr. Borlase, counsel for the defence – The prisoner Hayward keeps the Albion Hotel, opposite the shop where I was working. Miller is Hayward”s cook. I was in the tap of the Albion just before. Hayward accused me of taking money from his till. He said I had taken the money, and that it was marked. The blacksmith was in the shop.
Mr. Borlase — How many times have you been up for thieving
Witness — I can”t exactly remember.
Mr. Borlase — Were you ever brought up before the Supreme Court.
Witness — No, no!— Yes, I was.
Mr. Borlase — What for
Witness – For picking up a purse. (Laughter.)
Mr. Borlase — And what did you get for that
Witness – Nine months.
Mr. Borlase – Were you ever, at Wanganni, brought up for thieving?
Witness – No never for thieving, I have been occasionally had up for drunkenness.
Mr. Borlase — Has Mr. Whyte, at the Hutt, ever accused you of robbing his till
Witness — No
Mr. Borlase — That will do. Now don”t you leave the Court, as I shall have something else to say to you presently.
Duncan Bethune, sworn, said – I am a blacksmith. I work for Mr. Roberts at the Taita. The prosecutor was leaning over the lower half of the shop door, when the prisoner Hayward came up, and accused Daniel of robbing the till. Hayward said he had marked some money, he took five shillings out of prosecutor”s pocket, and called me to witness that three of the shillings were marked, this happened about 11 p.m. last Friday.
This closed the case against the two prisoners, who were at once discharged.

Robert Daniells, the prosecutor in the previous case, was then placed at the bar, charged with having stolen 3s from the till of the Albion Hotel. From the evidence given by Mr. Hayward and Martin Miller, it appeared that Daniels had robbed the till, and that the money he took, and of which he afterwards said he had been robbed, was marked by Mr. Hayward. The prisoner was convicted, and evidence having been given of a previous conviction against him of robbing a dwelling-house, he was sentenced to three months” imprisonment with hard labor.

Wellington Independent 30 April 1867
SALE OF THE ALBION HOTEL.- The Albion Hotel, at the Hutt, which has been for some time in the market, was put up to auction, unreservedly, yesterday afternoon, and knoocked down to Mr William Cleland for 1285 pounds. About 13 1/2 acres of land were sold with the hotel.

Evening Post 4 May 1867
It is said that several changes in the proprietory of hotels along the main road to the Wairarapa are about being made. Mr. Charles Hickling, the present lessee of Whitewood”s well known hostelie, on Monday, takes over the building from the trustees, G. Crawford, and John Martin, Esquires, at a fair valuation; and Buckridge”s Albion Hotel, purchased the other day by Mr. William Cleland, for 1280 pounds, has been sold to Mr Samuel Death, for 1300 pounds. Mr. Death intends, we believe, to carry on the business, and no doubt under his management the Albion will loose none of its custom.

Wellington Independent 23 April 1868

The licenses renewed were those held by

Buck, for the Travellers” Rest, Hutt;

Mary Corbett, Hutt;

Samuel Death, Albion Hotel, Hutt;

J. Osgood, for Whitewood”s Hotel;

Wellington Independent 28 November 1868

at Mr S. Death”s, Albion Hotel, Taita.

Evening Post 5 March 1869
Mr. David Hughey”s shop, store, and dwelling place, Taita, Hutt, were totally destroyed by fire between two and three o”clock this morning. The fire originated in the stables of the Albion Hotel, owned by Mr. Samuel Death, a little before nine o”clock last night, and the supposition, is that sparks from thence must have been carried by the wind underneath Mr. Hughey”s premises, in near proximity, as it was not till after the fire had been extinguished at the stables, and everything quiet, that Mr. Hughey”s store was discovered to be on fire, which was speedily and totally destroyed. Estimated loss to Mr. Hughey £2000, who was insured for £1000 in the New Zealand Insurance Company. How the fire originated in Death”s has not yet been, ascertained, but it is to be regretted that this is the second time a similar calamity has befallen Mr. Death.

Wellington Independent 6 March 1869
Destructive Fire at the Taita. — Between half past eight and nine o”clock on Thursday evening last, a fire broke out in the stables at the rear of the Albion Hotel, Taita. A strong north west breeze was blowing at the time so that it was quite impossible to save the property, consequently the neighbors brought all their strength to bear upon the attempt to save the adjacent buildings belonging to Mr D. Hughey. All that was possible was done, the roofs and walls being kept constantly wet by relays of men, but though they succeeded in preserving the house for some hours yet when all danger was believed to be past, and the remains of Death”s stable extinguished, a fire burst out at Mr Hughey”s, which set at defiance all farther efforts and the whole building was shortly burnt to the ground, and had it not been for the exertions of the neighbours, assisted very materially by Constable Brady, who organised a party for the constant supply of water. Mr. W. Cleland”s store on the opposite side of the road must have shared the fate of the other. Indeed it caught fire once or twice. We hear that Mr Hughey estimates his loss at £2000, and is insured in the New Zealand Insurance Company for £1000; it is also stated that Mr Death is partly insured, but we were not informed to what amount.

Wellington Independent 21 May 1873
In the SUPREME COURT of New Zealand,

NOTICE is hereby given that HENRY CHURCHER, of the Taita, in the Province of

Wellington, Licensed Victualler, did this day file in the Supreme Court a declaration that he is unable to meet his engagement with his creditors.
Dated the 20th day of May, 1873
Solicitor for the said Henry Churcher

Wellington Indpendent 12 March 1874
Publican”s Annual Licensing Metting
I hereby give notice that the Publicans” Annual Licensing Meeting for the Hutt District will be held at the Regident Magistrate”s Court, Wellington, on THURSDAY, the 23rd day of April, 1874, at 11 o”clock in the forenoon.

Hutt District
List of Applicatiosn for the Wholesale Licenses,
Burt, Thomas, The Hutt

List of Applications for Puiblicans” Licenses,
Death, Samuel, Albion Hotel, The Hutt
Mountain, Frank, Traveller”s Rest, Taita
Petterd, Richard F., Family Hotel, Hutt
Prosser, John, Whitewood”s Hotel, Hutt
Valentine, Nathaniel, Railway Hotel, Hutt
Wilkins, Isaac, Railway Hotel, Upper HUtt
Clerk of Court
Resident Magistrate”s Court,
Wellington, 11th March, 1874

Evening Post 7 July 1874
J. CORBETT having taken the above hotel, begs to inform the inhabitants of Wellington, Taita, and surrounding districts he has made extensive alterations in the above premises. Visitors will find everything for their accommodation and comfort at this well known hotelry.
None but the best brands of Wines, Spirits, &c. First class stables.
Taita, 7th July

Evening Post 7 July 1874
Wanted, an active young Man, to make himself generally useful. Apply at the Albion Hotel, Taita

Evening Post 20 July 1874
Licensing Bench

Transfer of Licenses
The following transfers of licenses were granted:-

Prosser”s Hotel, Hutt, to C. H. Lansden; Albion Hotel, Taita to J. H. Corbett;

Wholesale Licenses

Thomas Mullins, wholesale license for Hutt district – Granted.

Evening Post 7 August 1874
Wanted, a General Servant. Apply immediately to Mrs Corbett, Albion Hotel, Taita

Evening Post 18 August 1874
Wanted, a good General Servant for the Taita. Apply immediately to Mrs Corbett, Thorndon Cottage, Molesworth-street

Evening Post 23 & 28 April 1874
query Taita
about Licensing Court

Evening Post 10 December 1874
I, the undersigned, have authorised Mr J. R. Brandon to receive all monies due to me in my late Butchering Business whose receipt will be sufficient for the claim,

and that proceedings are being taken against all outstanding accounts.
Albion Hotel, Taita

Evening Post 6 June 1878
At the Hutt Licensing Court yesterday all the old licenses were renewed. With respect to the Criterion Hotel, Upper Hutt, it was stated that the house was in a very dilapidated condition.
Mr. Border, the landlord, explained that he was now having the premises put in thorough repair, and the license was renewed on condition that the work should be completed as soon as possible. There was also a complaint against the stables at the Albion Hotel, Taita. Mr. Cheesman, who appeared for Mr. Corbett, said the premises were about to be sold, and a considerable sum of money would be spent in alterations and improvements, and the license was renewed on this

Evening Post 4 July 1878
J. H. CORBETT (late of the Albion Hotel, Taita) having purchased and taken possession of the Empire Hotel at Masterton, begs to inform his friends and the public generally that no trouble or expense will be spared to ensure the comfort of all who favour him with their patronage.
Excellent accommodation for Boarders, Commercial Travellers, and Visitors to Wairarapa.
Firt-class Billard-room and Table. Stabling, and Paddocks.

Evening Post 11 May 1882
I, HENRY NEILSON, of Taita, Hotel keeper, do hereby give notice that I desire to obtain, and will at the next licensing meeting to be holden at the Lower Hutt on the 5th day of June, 1882, apply for a certificate authorising the issue of a publican”s license for a house situate at the Taita containing ten rooms exclusive of those required for the use of the family, and in respect of which I now hold a publican”s license.
Date the 10th day of May, 1882.

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