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Hansell, Arthur Lloyd Rev

Arthur Lloyd Rev Hansell
b: 1865
d: 16 FEB 1948
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Evening Post 5 November 1930
A church building should, by its general atmosphere, impart to the worshippers a feeling of calm restfulness and engender an attitude of mind which relegates material things to a secondary position. St. James'' Anglican Church, Lower Hutt, fulfils that ideal, and follows the best traditions of the parish church of the Old Land. It would be hard to imagine Gray writing his elegy in the churchyard of a modern institutional church — it has indeed no yard at all, only a site generally covered with ugly buildings — but St James'', with its old-world setting, would gladden the heart of the poet.
Set well back from Woburn road, away from the rush of the hurrying motor traffic, embowered in stately trees, above which its spire points heavenward, surrounded by grassy lawns in which are to be seen the hallowed graves of those far-sighted pioneers who chose the site with such wisdom, stands the building which, for fifty years, has been the spiritual home of the members of the Church of England in Lower Hutt.
The jubilee services are to be conducted next Sunday by Canon Watson.
It should be noted, however, that the services commemorate merely the jubilee of the present building. The history of the Church of England in Lower Hutt is really the history of the British community in the district, for the first church came into being over ninety years ago. The exact site of this building, the name of its builder, and the name of the first person to preach the Gospel within its walls, are not on record. The site is now probably under water somewhere near the main bridge over the Hutt River. At this time the Hutt River could be crossed by a polejumper, and it is questionable if a bridge existed, for it is probable that the church was an earlier erection than even the quaint "willow pattern" footbridge which spanned the stream at this place. All that is known is that the church stood on the western bank near the site of the inn variously, known as "Burchams," "The Aglionby Arms," and "Valentines." The erection of the building was probably a community effort, as its architecture and its materials were of the simplest, being after the style of a Maori whare and built of raupo. Its first minister was almost certain to have been the Rev. J. F. Churton, who, it is recorded, was in 1840 holding services in his own whare on the Pito-o-one beach. It is on record that a Rev. Mr. Butler was buried in the churchyard of this building, but what, his connection with the church was is not known.
Another name connected with the ministry in this building is that of the Rev. Robert Coles, who had charge of St. Paul''s in Wellington and ministered here on occasions.
In the old register of St. Paul''s may be seen the names of those baptised by the Rev. Mr. Coles in Aglionby-on-the-Hutt the name by which Lower Hutt was then known. Mr. Coles probably officiated after the departure of Mr. Churton, who stayed in the district for a short time only.
This first church, with the bodies of those buried in its churchyard, was washed away by one of those tragic floods to which the Hutt River was subject, after it had served the community for a few years. Whether it survived the erection of its successor, which was really the first fully-organised Church of England in Lower Hutt, is not clear, but probably it had disappeared before the erection of the first traffic bridge in 1846-47. Some of the timber, the whole of the porch, and the windows of the second church are still in service, for the building was dismantled and re-erected in 1880, and now serves as the Sunday School.
The original building was erected by Messrs. J. H. Percy and Son in 1848, the date being fixed by the marriage certificate of Mr. Joseph Percy — the son in the firm of Percy and Son — who was married to Miss Anne Maria Welch on the church on 23rd October, 1848, while the shavings were still on the floor of the building.
Mr. Joseph Percy''s sons still occupy the same property — the old mill site — in Petone, while two other of the five families which then constituted Petone''s population are identified with the church.
Mr. Thomas Riddler claims to have been the first child baptised in this church. He is still living on his father''s property, and is hale and hearty at the age of 82.
The other family is the Collett family, of whom the late Mr. H. Collett and his son, the late Mr. Edward Collett, are both mentioned in the list of church officers.
After Mr. Churton''s departure the services were kept going by lay readers — notably by Mr. E. Davy. In 1848, the Rev. T. B. Hutton was appointed to the parish extending from Pencarrow Heads to Wairarapa. After ten years he was succeeded by the Rev. G. H. Johnstone, who was followed by the Rev. J. F. Herring.
In 1870 the Rev. Thomas Fancourt (afterwards Archdeacon of Wellington) was appointed, and it was during his ministry that the present church was built. The following account of its consecration is from the "Evening Post":— St. James'' Church.—" This church was consecrated by Bishop Hadfield on Sunday, 21st March, 1880. The weather was most inauspicious for the ceremony, the recent heavy rains having flooded the roads leading to the edifice. In spite of this drawback, a fairly large congregation attended to witness the consecration, which was carried out with the usual formalities. His Lordship was received at the main entrance by the minister and office-bearers, who presented a petition requesting the Bishop to open the church. A procession was then formed and proceeded up the middle aisle, the choir singing the 24th Psalm. On arriving at the Communion table the Bishop delivered an appropriate address, which was followed by prayer and the consecration sentences. The hymn, ''Holy, Holy, Holy,'' was then sung, followed by the usual morning service. The sermon was preached by the Bishop from 1st Corinthians I., 25. The offertories were devoted to the building fund. The new church is an exceedingly pretty and commodious building, and presents a great contrast to the old church, which stands beside it."
This building was erected by Mr. H. T. Beck, of Bridge street, Lower Hutt, who will be present at the jubilee services on Sunday. The contract price was £1400, and was, unfortunately, not a payable proposition. Originally there were four men interested in the contract, but before the work was completed the other three had dropped out and Mr. Beck was left to carry on. The timber, which was almost all totara, was all hand-dressed, and the gotliic window frames were cut out of solid timber. The architect was Mr. Thos. Turnbull, then Wellington''s leading architect. Tenders were called .in "The Evening Post," and it was from this advertisement that Mr. Beck tendered.
Mr. Beck recalls that times were exceedingly bad at this period, and owing to competition a very low price was put in. Carpenters'' wages then were 10s and labourers'' 6s per day. Mr. Beck, who is now 77 years of ago, came to New Zealand 55 years ago under special engagement to assist in the erection of the big wooden Government Buildings in Wellington.
The names of the wardens and vestry in 1880 were, as follows: — Mr. W. A. Fitzherbert (vicar''s warden), Mr. J. R. Ransom (parishioners''), Captain Hewitt, Messrs. Cleland, Edward Collett, —. Williams, J. Wilkins, H. S. Fitzherbert, H. Collett, C. E. Barraud, and Captain Johnston. The descendants of many of these are well known, including the present Acting-Prime Minister.
In 1884 Mr. Fancourt, in order to devote more of his energies to the work of diocesan secretary, resigned, and was followed, for a very brief period, by the Rev. E. S. Cross, during whose ministry the present vicarage was built. Mr. Cross was succeeded by the Rev. Joshua Jones, well known to all old Hutt residents. During his term Petone — in 1895 — and later Eastbourne and the Eastern Bays separated from the Hutt church.
After twenty-nine years of patient ministry Mr. Jones resigned, and soon afterwards passed to his rest. His successor, the present vicar, the Ven. A. L. Hansell (Archdeacon of Wairarapa), has seen great changes. The district has grown from a purely residential suburb, surrounded by farms, to a town of some 13,000 people. The church has been enlarged, and even now it is too small. A fine schoolroom has been put up and is in constant use. The policy of the vestry has been to take the Church to the people. In 1920 the Church of the Good Shepherd was opened at Epuni, where ground has been purchased for a future vicarage; in 1928 another churchroom (which at the present time is being enlarged) was opened at Waiwetu and dedicated to St. Paul. At both these new churchrooms, at the Parish Church, at Christ Church, Taita, and at Belmont, regular services are held by the archdeacon, his colleague, and a fine band of lay readers.
Though the present building is in a fair state of repair, it is recognised that its period of useful service is drawing to a close, and a fund has been inaugurated for a new building. Already a generous response has been made, and it is hoped that a very substantial sum will be forthcoming at the thanksgiving services on Sunday.

Free BMD Records show Date Birth Registered September 1865, District: Blofield, Name: Arthur Lloyd Hansell, Volume: 4b, Page: 180
The district Blofield is in the county of Norfolk

Free BMD Records show Date Birth Registered March 1876, District: Bridgwater, Name: Mary Ellen Julius, Volume: 5c, Page: 433
The district Bridgwater is in the county of Somerset

Marriage Details
1906/2765, Bride: Mary Ellen Julius, Groom: Arthur Lloyd Hansell

New Zealand Free Lance 13 January 1906
Two weddings of interest take place early in February - those of Miss Julius and Mr. Hansell, and Mr. Maurice Denniston and Miss M. FitzGerald

New Zealand Free Lance 10 February 1906
Miss Partridge is on a short visit to Christchurch, having gone South for the marriage of Miss Julius and Mr. Hansell. Very shortly Miss Partridge leaves for England, and will be away several months.

Colonist 16 February 1906
The Bishop of Wellington has gone to Christchurch to officiate at the marriage of Miss Julius, daughter of Bishop Julius, so (sic) the Rev. A. Z. (sic) Hansell

Evening Post 17 February 1906
The Rev. Mr. Hansel], of Karori, and Mrs. Hansell will leave shortly on a trip to the Old Coontry, Mr. Hansell''s duties will be taken over by the Rev. A. W. H. Compton, formerly chaplin of the Wanganui Collegiate School, who has been assisting the Rev. T. H. Sprott, ?ector of St. Paul''s parish, to which parish the Rev. Mr. Robinson, of Cambridge has been appointed curate.

Evening Post 18 July 1906
Mr. H. P. Hansell, brother of the Rev. Arthur Hansell, Vicar of Karori, and tutor to Prince Edward and Prince Albert, was, on the occasion of the birthday of the Prince of Wales, appointed by the King to be a member of the fifth class of the Royal Victorian Order.

New Zealand Free Lance 24 February 1906
Mr. and Mrs. Embling went South to be present at the wedding of the Rev. A. H. Hansell and Miss Julius.

Hutt News 17 June 1927
The veterans of the South African war celebrated the signing of peace in that campaign on Sunday, 5th inst., by holding a church parade at St. James Church. The veterans, together with members of the Returned Soldiers'' Association, and the Waiwetu Troop of the Legion of Frontiersman, fell in at the Lower Hutt railway station and marched to the church, headed by the Hutt Municipal Band. An appropriate service was conducted by the Venerable Archdeacon Hansell. The parade was led by Sergeant-Major Felton, secretary of the Hutt Valley R.S.A. Two local Maori war veterans also took part in the proceedings - Mr. John Campbell, who preformed with the band, marching with them from the station, and Captain T. Humphries, a veteran of some 86 summers who joined the troop at the church gates.

Hutt News 4 May 1932
The annual meeting of the parishioners of St. James''s Church was held last Thursday evening. The vicar Ven. Archdeacon Hansell presided over a large attendance. Considerable interest was taken in the work of the Church, there being 13 nominations for the positions of ten vestrymen and three for the two Synodsmen required.
In his report of the year''s work the vicar stated that it was the parish''s privilege to have its quota raised to £115 this year and this obligation had been met. There had been fresh interest taken in the life of outlying districts and he paid a warm tribute to the curate, Rev W. E. Davies, for the splendid work he had done in the daughter churches of Taita, Epuni, Waiwhetu and Belmont. The vicar said that the parish was blessed beyond words in its Sunday Schools and Bible Calsses (sic), which were very well attended. He thanked the superintendents for the good work they were doing. Archdeacon Hansell made feeling reference to the sad bereavement which had befallen Mr. C. L. Collins, the superintendent of the Waiwhetu Sunday School. He deeply regretted that as Mr Collins would be leaving the Hutt, the church in this district would be losing his services. On behalf of the church he thanked him for what he had done and said that the parish owed a debt of gratitude to him. The church''s practical work was well illustrated in its work for the orphans and needy. A house to house collection was taken up each year for Social Service when from £70 to £80 was collected for the church''s homes in the diocese. The vestry had recently decided that a retiring collection should be taken up after eah (sic) Sunday service, when contributions of pence might be subscribed during the winter months, to relieve necessitous cases in the parish, coming under the notice of the clergy. In conclusion, the vicar thanked all the church workers who had responded so wonderfully during the year. He considered that the outstanding feature of the parish is the amazing number of workers who are anxious and willing to serve the church at all times.
In speaking to the report, which was adopted, Mr. R. G. House spoke of the steady growth of communicants as a very good indication of the spiritual life of the parish. The services throughout the year had been very well attended. Although the freewill offerings had fallen considerably during the year, the general offertories had only fallen £21 He paid a great tribute to the work done by the ladies to organise entertainments during the winter months and to Mrs. H. E. Leighton who had so successfully organised the garden party. On behalf of the vestry Mr House thanked Mr. F. J. Jones who had undertaken the duties of treasurer during the absence of Mr S. M. Hobbs in England.
During the general discussion which followed on the Freewill Offertory system, it was decided that an effort be made to obtain more subscribers and that the vestry report on the matter.
The election of officers was as follows:— Vicar''s Warden, Mr. A. G. W. Jarman; People''s Warden, Mr. R. G. House; Vestry: Messrs W. H. Barker, A. W. Foote, G. L. Giesen, H. A. Lines, C. Nicol, W. H. Smith, S. M Hobbs, F. D. Strombom, -. McClurg and H. B. Robb; Auditor, Mr G. D. Woodward; Synodsmen: Messrs H. V. Ward and F. D. Strombom.
Songs were rendered by Messrs Ward and Farquhar, and supper was served by the ladies.

Evening Post 29 April 1933
The annual meeting of the parishioners of St. James'', Lower Hutt, was held recently, the. Rev. H. E. K. Fry presiding. The annual report dealt with the work of the parish, the departure of Archdeacon A. L. Hansell, and Mrs. Hansel], and of the Rev. W. E. Davies and Mrs. Davies, and the arrival of the Rev. H. E. K. Fry and Mrs. Fry, and of the Rev. H. V. C. Reynolds. Most satisfactory and encouraging reports of the choir, C.E.M.S., the Mothers'' Union, St. James'' Girls'' Club, and Sunday''school were also included. The Waiwetu and Belmont churches reported progress as to both finance and attendance, and St. James'' Tennis Club had well maintained its position among the clubs of the valley. The, following were elected members of the vestry:— Messrs. W. H. Barker, A. W. Foote, G. L. Gieson, S. M. Hobbs, H. A. Lines, H. B. Robb. W. H. Smith, A. S. Kempthome, Cowie, and Arnold. Mr. W. J. Jarman was elected vicar''s churchwarden, Mr. R. E. House parishioners'' churchwarden, and Mr. Arnold representative to synod.

Evening Post 11 September 1934
S. P. Andrew photo
Ven. ARCHDEACON A. L. HANSELL, to be Archdeacon of Wellington in succession to the late Archdeacon Johnson.
S. P. Andrew Photo
REV. W. BULLOCK, vicar of St. Peter''s Church, Wellington, who succeeds Archdeacon Hansell as Archdeacon of Wairarapa.
The Rt. Rev. Dr. T. H. Sprott, Bishop of Wellington, announces the following appointments: —
The Rev. Canon P. E. James, vicar of St. Paul''s Pro-Cathedral, to be vicar-general of the diocese. The Ven. Archdeacon A. L. Hansell to be Archdeacon of Wellington, in succession to the late Archdeacon Johnson.
The Rev. W. Bullock, vicar of St. Peter''s, Wellington, to be Archdeacon of Wairarapa, in succession to Archdeacon Hansell.

Evening Post 12 September 1934
Archdeacon. A. L. Hansell has been appointed Archdeacon of Wellington. He was born in Norwich, England, in 1865, was educated at Charterhouse, Magdalen College, Oxford, and Cuddeston. He was appointed curate of Wantage in 1892. In 1899 he came to New Zealand to fill the position of vicar of Karori. He remained there until 1914, when, he went to Lower Hutt. Archdeacon Hansell was appointed Archdeacon of Wairarapa in 1922. He was vicar of Lower Hutt for eighteen years.
In his farewell sermon at Lower Hutt he urged his hearers to reconsecrate themselves to the service of God. There was he said, a want of definiteness about many, especially the young people, today. There was a need of convinced minds, and everyone should face the position and realise that religion was an absolutely necessary part of their lives.

Evening Post 17 September 1934

There were about 25 present at the opening ceremony of St. James''s Club. The ceremony was performed by Archdeacon A. L. Hansell, who was introduced by Mr. J. Nash.
Archdeacon Hansell said tennis was a great sport, and made for the breeding of sportsmanship. All should take an interest in the game for the game''s sake, and he stressed the point that all could not be first-class players
Mrs. Hansell was also present. Apologies for non-attendance were received from the Rev. H. E. K. and Mrs. Fry and Mr. and Mrs. W. Nash.
A presentation was made to Miss M. Jollands, a member of the club who is shortly to be married.

Evening Post 28 February 1938
(From "The Post''s" Representative.)
What the Americans call "a mean kind of day" in weather prevailed on Saturday in the Hutt Valley, neither wet and cold enough to retire comfortable to the fireside and yet sufficiently damp and unpleasant to cause the postponement of a number of outdoor fixtures. Two garden parties, one the annual garden party of St. James parish church, which was to have taken place in the grounds of "Woburn," Mrs. Vivian Riddiford''s home, and another in aid of Y.M.C.A. funds at "Lansdowne," Mrs. W. J. Mason''s residence in Waterloo Road, were postponed until next Saturday, while the continuation of the drizzle on Sunday interrupted the Lower Hutt Association Football Club''s picnic at Hutt Park.
In accordance with plans made for such a contingency by the committee of St. James garden party a sale of goods was held in the church hall. The vicar, the Rev. H. E. K. Fry, in an informal speech made at the beginning of the afternoon, declared that he knew that his parishioners would not take this as a disappointment; on the contrary they would have two parties instead of one. Mrs. Riddiford had extended her invitation for the following week, and the Mayor, Mr. W. J. Andrews, with Mrs. Andrews, had kindly consented to be present for the opening. He was glad to have the opportunity of welcoming, on behalf of everyone present, the former vicar of the parish, the Ven. Archdeacon Hansell, and Mrs. Hansell, and also the Hon. Walter Nash and Mrs. Nash. He also expressed his pleasure in being able to pay "tribute publicly to the organiser, Mrs. H. E. Leighton, who on this occasion, as in many previous ones, had shown at its best her characteristic good generalship in welding her numerous helpers into one highly efficient unit.
In spite of the bad weather the hall was crowded throughout the afternoon and the stallholders did a brisk business. Those in charge were:— Sweets, Mrs. Bagnall, Mrs. Vogel, Misses Gower and P. Marshall; lavender, Mesdame''s Hobbs, Clayton, Rawson, and Mclntyre, Misses Cameron, Mair, Betty Rawson, Sue Admore; cakes, Mesdames Butt, Hardcastle, Lawless, Morris, Gibbert; garden and flower stall, Mesdames Gordon, Murtagh, Vickery; needlework, Mesdames Holcombe, Mair, Martin, Doran, Judd, Boyd, Middlemiss; cool drinks, Mesdames Glyde and Long; produce, Mrs. Fuge and ladies of Taita, Mrs. Trask and ladies of Waiwhetu, Mrs. Gilbert and ladies of Epuni, Mrs. Alsop and ladies of Belmont; "oddments," Mesdames H. W. Smith, Collins, Clarke, Parkes, Futter, Dickson; children''s market, members of Chilton St.-James''s Old Girls'' Association; ices Mesdames Salt, Foster, and helpers; tea, Mesdames Graham, Strickland, Harrison, Mackissack, Marshall, Harland, Lonsdale, Taylor, Toswill, Baigent, Barker, Oppenheim, Tunley, Judd, Trewern, Jones, Burr, Clark, Stanton, and other helpers.
The pageant of nursery rhymes given by the pupils of the Sunday school will be held at the garden party next week.

Evening Post 26 September 1938
Mothers'' Union.
Mrs. H. E. K. Fry presided over a good attendance at a recent meeting of the St. James''s branch of the Mothers'' Union, when the Wellington Diocesan Centenary Appeal among the Mothers'' Unions of the diocese was launched, it being the special aim of the Mothers'' Union to build, or assist in building, the Baptistery in the new Cathedral.
The choir, under the baton of Mrs. R. Trewern and Mrs. Dormer gave much pleasure with vocal numbers, and the Rev. H. S. I. Kenney, Vicar of St. Augustine''s, Petone, gave a challenging address on "Fear," for which he was cordially thanked.
Members stood in silence as a mark of respect to the "great and noble Christian," Archbishop Julius, the father of Mrs A. L. Hansell, who was a former president of the Mothers'' Union and the wife of the previous vicar of Lower Hutt.

Death Details
1942/31334, Mary Ellen Hansell, Aged: 66Y

Hutt Valley Cemetery Record Mary Ellen Hansell, Date: 14/10/1942, Christ Church Anglican, Taita, Burial & Monumental Inscriptions, Reference: 212

Evening Post 15 October 1942
HANSELL.- On October 14, 1942, at her residence, 9 Homewood Cres., Karori, Mary Ellen, dearly-beloved wife of the Rev. Archdeacon Hansell, and beloved mother of Mrs. W. E. D. Davies and Mrs. R. A. Stewart; aged 66 years.
HANSELL.- The Friends of the Rev. Archdeacon Hansell are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late beloved wife, Mary Ellen, which will take place at the Taita Churchyard Tomorrow (Friday), October 16, 1942, at the conclusion of a Service at the Taita Church, commencing at 10.30 a.m. J. R. Croft, Ltd., Funeral Directors, Hutt and Petone. Tels. 60-531 and 63-828
The death occurred yesterday of Mrs. Mary Ellen Hansell, wife of the Rev. A. L. Hansell, of Karori, formerly Archdeacon of Wellington. Mrs. Hansell was the eldest daughter of the late Archbishop Julius and Mrs. Julius. She was born in Somerset, England, in 1876, and came to Australia and on to New Zealand in 1880, when her father became Bishop of Christchurch. There she studied music and art. In 1906 she married the Rev. A. L. Hansell. Mrs. Hansell is survived by her husband and two daughters, Mrs. W. E. D. Davies, Upper Hutt, and Mrs. R. A. Stewart, Khandallah. Mrs. Hansell was at one time vice-president as well as Diocesan Secretary of the Mothers'' Union, and a life member of St. Mary''s Guild.
"Her personality was most lovable," writes a friend, "made up of a variety of characteristics — her own wise judgment, her modest outlook, her sense of humour, the beautifulness of friendship all held together by a strong Christian faith. She has left a large circle of friends with a great cause for thankfulness, as well as a great sense of loss."

Evening Post 20 October 1942
A correspondent has submitted to the lady editor the following tribute to the late Mrs. Hansell, wife of the Rev. A. L. Hansell, of Karori, and daughter of the late Archdeacon and Mrs. Julius:— "As one who knew the late Mrs. Hansell since her girlhood and onward, may I add a few words of appreciation of one who brought gladness and beauty to every circle she entered. I remember her in her parents'' home — at hand to assist in entertaining and succeeding in making guests, high and lowly, at home and perfectly happy, herself full of joy and graciousness, and later, after her marriage, taking on strenuous work and always ready to be of use, regardless of in what capacity. She was a helpful worker at the ''Flying Angel'' Mission to Seamen, mixing with the gatherings and making our seamen thoroughly welcome. She was at one time president of the Harbour Lights Guild and once organised Christmas presents for the crews visiting during Christmas. She was never above and never below the occasion — always her own charming, lovely self. Her music, too, was at our disposal, and added much to the enjoyment of our functions. All who knew her miss her greatly — a fragrance of indeed sweet memory."
- includes a photo
S. P. Andrew and Sons Photo
The late Mrs. Hansell.
with caption

Probate Mary Ellen Hansell, Place: Karori, Wellington, Occ: W/o Lloyd, AAOM 6030 8018, Filed: 23/11/1942, Will, Archives NZ, Wellington

Evening Post 21 February 1944
The garden fete which is held annually in St. James''s Parish, Lower Hutt, in aid of church funds, took place on Saturday. Once more Mrs. Vivian Riddiford made the beautiful grounds of her home at Woburn available for the party, and hundreds of Hutt residents and visitors from Wellington spent a pleasant afternoon there. The fete was opened by the High Commissioner for Australia, the Hon: T. G. D''Alton, who was accompanied by Mrs. D''Alton.
The world had never been more in need of Christianity than now, Mr. D''Alton said. He felt that sooner or later the world must realise that Christian standards alone could guarantee a lasting peace. He urged listeners for their own sakes and for the sake of generations to come to realise the necessity of supporting the Church.
New Zealanders, he said, were the luckiest people on earth today, with conflict roaring in almost every other part of the world. It enjoyed a high standard of living for days such as these, and such conditions were no doubt a great incentive to people in playing their part in the war effort. He knew that the food rationing would be met cheerfully.
Visitors enjoyed a variety of entertainment. There was a display of Russian ballet dancing on the spacious lawns, a children''s fancy dress parade, a puppet show, and stalls for all commodities, one of the busiest of which was a jumble stall. An enjoyable musical programme was contributed by the Municipal Band. Refreshments were served on the tennis court. Guests were received by the Rev. J. C. Davies. the official party including Mrs. V. Riddiford, Mrs. J. Vogel, Mrs. J. C. Davies, Mrs. J. W. Andrews, Mrs. J. Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mackisack, the Rev. Archdeacon A. L. Hansell, a former vicar of St. James''s Parish, Mrs. H. E. Leighton, organiser of the fete, and Mr. and Mrs. H. Ward.

Evening Post 12 February 1945
Her Excellency Lady Newall opened the garden fete held on Saturday in aid of St. James''s Anglican Church in the grounds of "Woburn," Lower Hutt, the home of Mrs. Vivian Riddiford. Her Excellency, who was introduced by the vicar of the parish, the Rev. J. C. Davies, said she felt it was encouraging when clergy and parishioners co-operated enthusiastically in team-work "to maintain our heritage of Christianity." As a result of their efforts they would one day look upon a new and larger church, a heritage to their children and their children''s children.
In introducing her Excellency, the Rev. Davies said that the acquisition of two new clergymen, the purchase of ground, and the construction of church buildings made a large financial demand. The beautiful gardens, with their beds of dahlias, roses, and hydrangeas in full bloom, provided a picturesque setting for the bountifully stocked stalls and for games and competitions. Tea was served at tables on a side lawn, and the Hutt Civic Band provided musical selection.
Among the members of the official party were: Mrs. J. Vogel, Mayor of Lower Hutt, Mr. J. W. Andrews and Mrs. Andrews, Hon. W. Nash M.P. for Hutt, and Mrs. Nash, the Rev. J. C. and Mrs. Davies, Mrs. Vivian Riddiford, Mrs. Hurst, Archdeaceon A. L. Hansell, Mrs. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mackisack, Mrs E. H. Strickland, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Hobbs, and Mr. A. S. Kempthorne (secretary). Mrs. E. H. Strickland and Mrs. J. W. Mackisack were joint organisers of the fete.

Evening Post 28 June 1945
During the 34 years that the society had been operating 664 boys had passed through its homes, said the president of the Wellington Anglican Boys'' Homes Society (Mr. H. B. Gordon) at the annual meeting yesterday. "This means that on the average about 20 boys a year have been taken in and cared for and after varying terms have left us, mostly to rejoin their parents or natural homes, and, we would like to believe, much improved from every aspect after their stay in our homes."
The following officers were elected: President, Mr. H. B. Gordon; vice-presidents, Ven. Archdeacon Rich, Ven. Archdeacon Kenny, Mr. S. M. Hobbs, Mrs. F. M. Chesney; honorary vice-president. Rev. A. L. Hansell; committee. Mrs. W. Bullock, Mrs. E. J. Rich, Miss L. M. Buxton, Rev. W. Langston, Rev. J. C. Davies, Rev. A. C. Charles, Rev. G. McKenzie; secretary, Mr. A. S. Kempthorne; honorary treasurer, Mr. A. M. Anderson; honorary auditors, Messrs. G. F. Judd and Son; Masterton representative, Mr. H. M. A. Major; Lower Hutt representatives. Mr. G. A. Strickland and Mr. J. W. Mackisack.

Death Details
1948/25382, Arthur Lloyd Hansell, Aged: 82Y - Date of Death 16/2/1948 from Death Registration

Hutt Valley Cemetery Record Archdn Arthur Lloyd Hansell, Date: 16/2/1948, Christ Church Anglican, Taita, Monumental Inscriptions, Reference: 212

Probate Arthur Lloyd Hansell, Place: Wellington, Occ: Clerk Holy Ord, AAOM 6031 597/38, Filed: 15/3/1948, Will, Archives NZ, Wellington

  • 1865 - Birth -
  • 16 FEB 1948 - Death -
Arthur Lloyd Rev Hansell
1865 - 16 FEB 1948
Family Group Sheet - Child
MArthur Lloyd Rev Hansell
Death16 FEB 1948
Marriage14 FEB 1906to Mary Ellen Julius
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Arthur Lloyd Rev Hansell
Death16 FEB 1948
Marriage14 FEB 1906to Mary Ellen Julius
PARENT (F) Mary Ellen Julius
Death14 OCT 1942
Marriage14 FEB 1906to Arthur Lloyd Rev Hansell
FatherChurchill Archbishop Julius
MotherAlice Frances Rowlandson
FElizabeth Mary Known As Betty HANSELL
BirthAUG 1914
Death6 AUG 1914
FEthel Gwendolen Hansell
Birth10 JUL 1909
Death15 OCT 1995
Marriage22 OCT 1938to Robert Arnold STEWART at St Mary''s Church, Karori
Marriage1953to Edmund Frank Cousins
FAlice Emily Hansell
Birth16 MAR 1908
Death1 AUG 1985
Marriage22 APR 1930to Walter Ernest Detheridge Rev DAVIES at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
Descendancy Chart
Arthur Lloyd Rev Hansell b: 1865 d: 16 FEB 1948
Mary Ellen Julius b: 1876 d: 14 OCT 1942
Elizabeth Mary Known As Betty HANSELL b: AUG 1914 d: 6 AUG 1914
Ethel Gwendolen Hansell b: 10 JUL 1909 d: 15 OCT 1995
Robert Arnold STEWART b: 1906 d: 16 AUG 1946
Edmund Frank Cousins b: 1903 d: 29 AUG 1993
Alice Emily Hansell b: 16 MAR 1908 d: 1 AUG 1985
Walter Ernest Detheridge Rev DAVIES b: 1905 d: 3 JAN 1967
  • Top Surnames

    Unknown (118)
    Peck (69)
    Harris (63)
    Welch (61)
    Hooper (55)
    Hirst (52)
    Avery (51)
    August (48)
    Gaskin (44)
    Judd (41)
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