Roses for the Graveyard

Following my request for heritage rose cuttings in the last Preservation Post, I was contacted by Elizabeth Bargh a descendant of Esther, daughter of John and Elizabeth Ings Daysh.
She has donated 12 roses from Trinity Farm for us to plant in the graveyard. What a great gift! Thank you so much Elizabeth.
My husband John and I have planted 7 and the rest are in our vegetable garden awaiting planting when the fence and paved areas are completed.
Here is a list of the roses.
1) Bishop Darlington
2) Moonlight
3) Bourbon Queen
4) General Gallieni
5) Comtesse du Cayla
6) Trinity Farm Hybrid Musk
7) Danae
8) Rugelda
9) Dublin Bay
10) Veilchenbleu
11) Shower of Gold
12) Cynts Apricot Cluster

Mary Stevens